BBS Rinteln – Berufsbildende Schulen Rinteln

BBS Rinteln is a college for vocational education and training currently offering 35 courses in nine departments. The 1650 students are taught and instructed by approximately 85 teachers. The legal representative is the principle, Ms Lita Goossen.

The main building is located in Rinteln. The departments are distributed among 4 buildings: a second building in Rinteln and two more buildings in the nearby town of Bückeburg. Students are educated in full-time in-school training as well as part-time courses within the Dual System, both leading to degrees and qualifications in vocational disciplines. The courses vary in length between one  year and up to three and a half years. BBS Rinteln cooperates closely with companies, industries and the trades in the county of Schaumburg and adjacent counties, as well as with the local job centre, secondary schools, and other local institutions to do with youths, education and development.

For those students who failed or would like to improve their performance after year 9 or 10 in a school of common education, BBS Rinteln offers one-year preparatory courses which finish with a general certificate of common secondary education. This then enables students to start a training or continue their school career.

At the other end of the spectrum students can acquire the entry qualification for university in three different branches of Vocational High School with emphasis on either economics, social pedagogy, or health.

The departments are:


Possible qualification

1. Metal technology

Mechanics in various fields

2. Timber technology

Carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers

3. Glass technology

Process mechanics

4. Body care and personal hygiene


5. Health 

Dental and medical assistants; vocational high school

6. Household management and care

Nurses, care assistants, personal assistants

7. Social pedagogy

Social assistants, nursery nurses, child and adolescent care worker

8. Economy and administration

Retailers, office clerks; vocational high school

9. Aircraft technology

Electronic technicians for aeronautical systems, aircraft technicians for maintenance, aircraft technicians for aviation power unit

BBS Rinteln has been doing student and staff mobility programs for more than 10 years. European exchange partners are VET institutions as well as companies for workplace internships in Spain, Denmark, Ireland and England.